How I Succeed As A Vegan Athlete


One of the most frequent questions I receive from my peers is “How do you succeed at being an athlete as a vegan?” All vegan jokes aside, it is a serious question. Many people have trouble meeting their protein in take on a regular diet. As a vegan, receiving enough nutrients and still being able to perform at the peak levels of my peers is a real challenge. Surprisingly though, it is not really that tough to accomplish. Today, protein is easily accessible in many forms, and with the clean eating craze going around, it is easy to find diets that include vegetables and proteins that are high in nutrients.

Tips For Vegan Athletes

  1. Eat more: Straight out of the gate, as a vegan you will have to eat more. You don’t consume as many proteins as your non vegan colleagues, yet still expend the same amount of energy when you exercise. Not to mention that vegetables can only provide you with the necessary calories if you consume the right amounts.
  2. Embrace raw foods: As a vegan athlete, you want to eat foods that provide the most amount of nutrients. One sure way to accomplish that is to get accustomed with eating raw fruits and vegetables. Raw foods retain more of their nutrients than when they are cooked and use less energy to digest, meaning you get the most out of your meal and feel great on your diet.
  3. Workout smarter: Recovery is the most important stage for an athlete, and a proper diet can help expedite the process. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work out smarter. Use the proper gear to keep your back, legs and wrist loose and don’t underestimate the benefits of stretching and rest days.

This is a guest post from vegan athlete and crossfit enthusiast Joe Kay. Check out his blog for additional information on crossfit and business.