What if you had a generous, loving way to help others eat healthier and reduce their footprint?

How about sending them a delicious plant-based meal box? It’s like sending them flowers.
Tasty, tasty flowers

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ready-to-eat vegan meals!

Our mission:

To make ready-to-eat vegan meals that are so satisfying and convenient that

2 million Americans will eat 2 more plant-based meals per week.

What Makes Us Different

ez-Vegan uses doctor-recommended recipes that help to reduce diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Our 100% vegan meals are ready to eat as-is, with no refrigeration or microwaving necessary. They are the most convenient, healthy, and affordable pre­-cooked meals on the market.

We pledge to never use GMOs, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

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The EZ-Vegan Healing Meals Investor Video

Learn why doctors recommend and investors are backing vegan food companies.

Raw For 30 Trailer

Watch a preview of our founder’s eye-opening 2006 film that shows vegan foods reversing diabetes. It took 9 years for mainstream awareness to be ready, and he started EZ-Vegan meal boxes.

Disrupt the convenience food industry with ready-to-eat vegan meals!

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